Department of Defense Lock Program

The Department of Defense Lock Program is designated as the authority for locks, vaults, seals, and containers that are used to protect national security information, arms, ammunition, and explosives.

The DoD lock program is sponsored by several government agencies. Federal specifications from the DoD lock program regulate the storage of sensitive materials and secure door access. Six combination locks have been approved under FF-L-2740 for the protection of classified materials. Of those six combination locks, four are dormakaba products: X-07 lock was approved in February 1992, the X-08 in March 1999, the X-09 in June 2002, and the X-10 in April 2013. For more information about the DoD lock program or federal specifications, please contact the DoD Lock Program or visit their website.

DoD Lock Program

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Department of Defense and related agencies - for inquiries please contact:

Naval Facilities Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center
Physical Security Technology Division
DoD Lock Program; Port Hueneme, CA 93043-4370

Phone: 800-290-7607
DSN: 551-1212
Fax: 800-353-4193